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User Interface Design

I'm a strong believer of clean, minimal user interfaces as they help the user find what they're looking for easily, but that doesn't mean they should be empty and dull. Using a combination of colours, shapes, and movement, a user interface can make a product feel amazing, as well as look fantastic.

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Branding & Identity

A company's logo and branding should reflect their values and services. I create branding that clearly speaks for the company or business itself, so the customer knows immediately that they're in the right place.

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User Experience

When designing, I design for the user's needs. From the early prototype stages, through to the final build, I get real users to test my designs. Based on the user feedback, I then modify my design to reduce the risk of confusion, allowing for a more positive user experience.

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Elearning Design & Development

The elearning modules I develop are clear, engaging products, that encourage learners to dive deeper into the topic. By pushing the rapid authoring tools to their limits, I create feature rich courses.


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Hi. I'm Martin, a Digital Designer based in England.

I'm great at thinking up new ideas and solving problems. With all my designs, I try to make the solution as simple as possible for the end user, whilst injecting some originality to create that exciting experience. I'm always keen to learn new software and process that will help enhance my work, keeping it fresh and up to date.

When I'm not meticulously pixel pushing, I'm pedal pushing. In recent months I've become hooked on mountain biking. I love both the physical and metal challenge it presents. There's no better excuse to be out in the middle of no-where, exploring, and getting pumped with adrenaline.

Other hobbies of mine include photography, golf, and the Rubik's cube - 47s is my record!

Want to know more? Cool! I love meeting new people, and sharing knowledge between one another. Check out the contact section below to reach out to me.

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