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Case Study

Sonos elearning on a MacBook.

My first project at The Creative Engine was to help create the learning modules for Sonos. There were initially 20 modules, and they were all required to be localised in 7 different languages! The modules were to be completed by the sales members at Sonos, and their partners, to help educate them on the superb products they sell.

An example module interaction.

The elearning had to follow the strong brand that Sonos has built over the years, right down to the artist used for the voice over. The modules were media-rich, and utilising separate layers I could really make the speakers stand out using animations on the slide. One module actually emulated setting up a speaker, physically and using the app.

Emulating adding another speaker 1/2. Emulating adding another speaker 2/2.

With great success, there are now over 4,000 users! We have now also built a new module showcasing their latest "Sonos One" speaker.

The new Sonos One module! Next Project