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Case Study

NVIDIA OEM management screen on a desktop.

The Creative Engine had previous built a retail demo for NVIDIA, showcasing features of the PC it runs on. NVIDIA wanted to allow OEM's to manage their own features and update the machines in store themselves.

I was required to design a system that would allow OEMs to log in, create features, assign these features to specific models, and then create a patch that they can deploy onto the computers in store.

The system had to follow NVIDIA's branding, and had to be technically simple to save budget.

To help save time later down the line, this project started out as wireframes inside of Adobe XD. This proved to be a really useful tool as it allowed us to quickly layout all the elements of the website, and then show the client how it all works together. The feedback given at this stage was easy to implement, and resulted in less amends after the design.

NVIDIA wireframes 1/4. NVIDIA wireframes 2/4. NVIDIA wireframes 3/4. NVIDIA wireframes 4/4.

Using to-the-point instructions, and bold navigation, I created a system that was self-explanatory. There were many complications that arose during the design, as it had to be developed on a tight budget. Because the system wasn't going to have revisions of features, nor will it store delete features, I had to include warnings to the user that features, and models used in a previous build no longer exist, and revert them back to empty.

Example package build with errors.

Previews of images were available for the user, so they could check that they have uploaded the correct aspect ratio image, and that it wasn't being stretched, or leaving any blank space.

Image previews.

The system produced warning and confirmation messages to inform the user of their actions, helping to prevent any mistakes.

Warning messages.

Instructions were provided at a relevant time to help users continue with their task outside of the system (as the demos ran offline). Once the patch was built and downloaded, they then needed to apply it to the relevant computers.

Instructions available when needed. Next Project