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Jonnora website preview.

Jonnora was a small project I led at The Creative Engine. The client had just started a new company, and required a fresh, new brand, as well as a beautiful website to go with it. For the logo, I wanted to create a mark that reflected the history of the company - the client's parents, Jon and Nora are represented as the two houses, with the company running through them. I created the simple, rounded type which portrays the friendly way in which the company operate.

Early logo sketches 1/2. Early logo sketches 2/2. Final Jonnora logo.

As the company was brand new, I wanted to give it a modern touch. Making use of bold colours, patterns, and subtle animations, I designed a website that looks into the future - as the tenants would be when looking for their next home.


The website's primary goal wasn't actually to advertise the business, but to allow existing tenants to log any faults in their home using the "Report a Repair" tool. It also needed to act as a hub of information where the client could direct people to download documents, and learn more about the renting process.

The renting process with Jonnora. Right to Rent explained.

With the target audience being that of the less tech-savvy elderly, the website had to be clear and simple. As per usual with new websites, mobile was a requirement, and we made sure Jonnora looked beautiful at every break point.

Jonnora is mobile friendly. Jonnora's simple mobile menu.

In addition to the website, I produced business cards, letter heads, and re-made their application form using the clients new branding. The letterheads and application forms were both being printed from an office printer, so I had to consider certain print restrictions when designing these documents. For the letter heads, I actually produced three versions. One that only used black to save on ink, one that only used simple flat colours, and one that used the blue-purple gradient found throughout their online branding.

Jonnora business card - front. Jonnora business card - back. Jonnora's custom branded application form. Jonnora's branded letter head.
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