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Case Study

Hotelplan elearning on a MacBook.

Another Adobe Captivate project I helped complete at The Creative Engine, but this time I was also involved in a lot of the storyboarding aspects that takes place before building the modules. The purpose of this learning was to help Hotelplan educate and inspire their travel agents to help them sell more of their holidays - and it worked.

After the launch of the modules I had worked on, Hotelplan saw a revenue increase of 10% on their Lakes & Mountain holidays.

Recently, we also received facts that the agents who have signed up for the learning platform booked 22% more revenue that other operators!

An example module interaction 1/2. An example module interaction 2/2.

The modules featured vibrant, high resolution, quality images, that quite frankly made me want to go on one of the holidays! Some of these images however had yet to be edited and needed some adjustment to look consistent, and well composed - this was all done during the storyboarding phase in Photoshop.

Vibrant holiday pictures were used to help sell the holidays.

To help break up some of the larger pages, basic interactions were used to show and hide information.

Basic interactions used for interest.

Quizzes were used within the modules to test the learner on what they have just learnt. The results were then passed back to the LMS (Learning Management System) the modules were hosted on, as all the modules were SCORM compliant.

An example module quiz 1/2. An example module quiz 2/2. Next Project