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Case Study

Follow Football mobile preview.

Follow Football is a start-up, hobby site, that was created by my brother and I. The goal was to create a database of all the football players in the world, and include as many social network channels as they use.

Follow Football news feed.

As the designer, I created the branding, design, and layout of the website. The style is very bright, and edgy - to represent the modern use of social networking, and fast paced world of football.

Follow Football logo.

A mobile-first approach was taken with this design as we knew our target audience would be those using social network sites on their phones whilst out-and-about. Maybe even at a game of football.

Follow Football players on mobile. Follow Football player details on mobile.

There were some difficult challenges with the UI design. Most of the site is a list of players or their teams. So, I had to make sure that the lists were clear and easy to read, and didn't get cut off when the names were too long.

Long team names were accounted for.

Basic help was provided throughout the site to help people find the players they're looking for. When browsing for a team, we used a simple 3 step process to help narrow down the selection.

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