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Carnival elearning on a mac.

As a lead elearning designer at The Moment, I worked primarily on Carnival training. I was tasked with evolving a previously made design, enhancing it with better user experience, and make it more consistent.

The first iteration of this took part in a huge 23 module course titled Human Response Programme. The course revolved around workplace safety such as Working at Heights, Chemical Safety, and Outbreak Management.

The process started in Photoshop by re-designing all the previously created interactions. Over 35 different slide types were designed.

I created a consistent colour palette, and rules on layout to keep each slide consistent with one another. These layout rules would later be useful when creating the elearning template in Storyline, as it allowed me to utilise the master-slide layouts to their full potential.

Carnival elearning module example.

Animation was used heavily throughout the build to help gain interest. The modules were often text heavy, and so I wanted to make using them an enjoyable experience. Being able to use animations in the learning also helped illustrate certain points within graphics - this meant the learner wasn't overloaded with information as soon as they landed on the slide.


The designs were well received by the client, meeting all their needs. The modules had to be re-produced in a couple of variations to accommodate HTML 5 only, Flash, and offline capabilities.

Due to the success of these modules, Carnival approached the company again, requesting even more modules. To allow for improvements, we had a think about how we could further improve the modules based on our recent experience.

I took the designs back into Photoshop, and proceeded to modify them once more. Without changing them too much, so they still look part of the family, I reinforced the branding, made the modules even more simple to use, and as a bi-product, far quicker, and easier to build!

Once I had finished re-making the new templates, the time taken to build a single module was more than halved that of the previous templates.

Improved Carnival elearning template with drag and drop example.

To aid other developers and designers create content for the elearning, I also produced a detailed brand guidelines document. The goal for this document was to allow the content to keep on evolving, and ensure all content looked the same, making it easy to identify a piece of Carnival training.

Carnival styleguide preview. Carnival styleguide preview. Carnival styleguide preview. Carnival styleguide preview.
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