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Academy Point Leaflets.

Primarily, my role at Academy Point was to design our Client's new Learning Management Systems (LMS). However, as the only designer at the company, I was also responsible for all the branding and marketting resources that was needed.

When I joined Academy Point, they had recently gone through some initial branding work. It had a strong direction, but nothing had been defined. My first job was to refine what was already there; making the colours more consistant, aligning components in the logo and planning a direction that I wanted to take the brand.

Academy Point logo comparison (New & Old) Academy Point colours and meanings.

As I started to give the company's brand more of a voice, I decided that we wanted to focus our marketting on the people using our software, rather than the software itself - at the end of the day, the software looked like any other admin-driven SAAS out there and I wanted us to stand out from our competition.

Woman Jumping above blue triangles. Smart man poiting above orange triangles. Woman hanging upside-down above green triangles.

Our company attended several events where I was keen to drive our new branding. Leaflets, new business cards, lanyards, a single-page site and a promotional presentation were all created to help guide our customers through what we were offering.

Business cards with a variety of back designs. Academy Point branded lanyard with logo and coloured triangles. Leaflets used at event - who we are, what we do and how we do it. Example slide from PowerPoint deck showing the feature list.

The brand was very geometrically driven - with the idea that all these 'blocks' represent part of our business and the logo is all of them coming together. I played with these shapes to create some bold backgrounds that could be use for any 3rd party applications, desktop wallpapers and PowerPoint presentations.

Particle field background. Dark, bold background. Subtle quilted background. WeTransfer background.
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